​The Kali NetHunter is an Android ROM overlay that includes a robust Mobile Penetration Testing Platform. … The overlay includes a custom kernel, a Kali Linux chroot, and an accompanying Android application, which allows for easier interaction with various security tools and attacks. (SO BALI PANG HACK SIYA FOR EXAMPLE WIFI HACKING MGA GANYAN)
Note: This Net KaliHunter is ONLY for CHERRY FLARE J3 PLUS dont make any changes in the file unless you KNOW what you are doing!! i already warn  you! 😀

Installation Process:

  1.  Download Net KaliHunter for Flare J3 Plus
  2. After that boot to recovery
  3. Then Install it no need to wipe system just install it
  4. Reboot! Enjoy !


Special Thanks to: Brandon Indar For HELPING