iOS 10 Custom Rom

Warning: Before flashing this rom make sure that you have a backup firmware of your phone dont proceed if you dont know how to flash this rom..

Battery must: 75% Up

Whats working: Everything

Whats not working: FingerPrint


Installation Process:

1. Go to Custom Recovery (TWRP RECOMMENDED)

2. Go to wipe and click advance wipe

3. Wipe everything except internal storage and external

4. After wiping go to install

5. Find the custom rom that you downloaded

6. After that click install

7. Wait for a few minutes

8. After installing reboot now

9. After rebooting you will see a bootlogo after bootlogo you will see blackscreen

10. Remove your phones battery and put it back again *Remove it when you are stuck at black screen*

11. Power on your phone

12. All done!

Need feedback!!

Tested and proven from my cherry mobile!